Diablo buns 😈 is a quick and easy bun to make.

They taste great and are perfect for having in the freezer.

They need to be baked at pretty high heat and preferable on a pizza steel1
(Gives a crisp outer and a fluffy inner).

If you doesn’t have a pizza steel take a baking tray and put it up side down in the oven and let it heat up with the oven. (This will help a little, but the heat will soon be used up compared to a real pizza steel).


Amount Baker % Item
500 g 100.00 Wheat flour
500 g 100.00 Water
125 g 25.00 Flour of your choice2
12 g 2.40 Salt
2 g 0.40 Dry yeast


  1. Mix all the dry ingredient’s well and then add the water.
  2. Mix the dough until all flour is wet and cover the bowl with a clean cloth and let it sit at living room temperature for 8 to 12 hours. If you want to develop the dough longer put the bowl in the fridge (Overnight is perfect). Be sure to take out the bowl while the oven heats up (At least).
  3. Turn on the oven at 250-275 °C.
  4. Transfer the dough to a flour covered table. Add a bit of flour on top (NOT TO MUCH). Cut up the dough in 9-12 buns and put them on a pice of baking paper (Use a pizza spade for easy transfer to the oven).
  5. When the oven have heated up for at least 45 min. transfer the dough to the oven.
  6. Put a wet cloth in the bottom of the oven for the first 5 min. (Or ice cubes in a tray) for adding steam while the buns rises. This help to prolong the rise and gives a nice crunchy outer.
  7. Bake the buns for 10-12 min. Knocking on the bottom of one will tell you if its ready (Should sound hollow).
  8. Enjoy the buns after they have cooled down just a little on a bread cooling rack.

Thats it! Super easy buns.

  1. I have a Diablo (pizza) steel - Hence the name of the buns.
    It’s EPIC - Check it out over at: https://diablosteel.com/ ↩︎

  2. Pretty much any flour will work fx.
    Durum flour, Spelled flour, Rye flour, Corn flour, Whole wheat flour. ↩︎